Day 8: A Hacker’s Life

It's the end of September and that means we're wrapping up the Ten Days in an Alternate Universe event for Shades of Vengeance. It's been fabulous sharing these stories of their games and I'm thrilled that so many of you have liked them. Today's story comes from the Era: The Consortium, computer hacking and virtual …

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The Consortium is Expanding

For everyone who's been following along with the 10 Days in an Alternate Universe event, thank you! I am incredibly proud to work alongside some great creators from Shades of Vengeance and it has been my pleasure to share some of the stories that I've written for their games. Era: The Consortium is a massive world …

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Day 7: An Assassin’s Target

Today's story comes from the upcoming Shades of Vengeance game, Era: Hitman. If you're familiar with the Era games you'll have already realized that our assassin's universe will be far from typical.   An Assassin's Target Senator George Winston was an unpopular official. His elitist views, narrow minded rhetoric, and flashy opulence made him an enemy …

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Day 6: Secrets Meant To Be Lost

Day 6 in our special flash fiction event for Shades of Vengeance brings out the scary side of The Consortium. Thanks for following along with our 10 Days in an Alternate Universe event! You can catch up on all the rest of the stories HERE.   Secrets Meant to be Lost The Durance was cold and …

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Day 5: Sweet, Sweet Revenge

Half way through our Shades of Vengeance 10 Days in an Alternate Universe event and things are looking revenge-y. Our flash fiction story for today comes from the world of Era: The Empowered and features Penumbra, so you know you're in for a super-power enhanced good time. Penumbra, is a fun character to write. She likes to exist on …

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Day 3: A Pep Talk For Heroes

Day 3 is upon us! Ed has just released the third day of our Alternate Universe stories and this one's from a favorite project of mine. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to create a comicbook with the help of veteran comic writer John Lewis and Empowered creator Ed Jowett. Lacuna was a great …

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The First Lacuna Comic

The start of an Empowered universe.
I recently had the good fortune to work with Ed Jowett, Johnathan Lewis, Rudi Roelff, and Sathit Kaew to produce the first in a series of comics.

I plan to share some of the lessons I learned by trying out this new and surprisingly difficult genre of writing!

For now, please check out and share this synopsis of our Kickstarter for the Chris “Lacuna” Jameson comic.

Many thanks!!


A friend of mine is releasing her first comic book. Please help support the kickstarter so they can get her amazing writing out to the world. I never knew how much effort goes in to a single comic. So if you like it please contribute. Click here for the KickStarter

What it is all about.

Lacuna is a comic by game designer Ed Jowett, and veteran writer Amy Allworden. Together with dialogue consultant Johnathan Lewis, Penciller and Inker Rudi Rillf and colourist Sathit Kaew, they have brought Ed’s “Era: The Empowered” universe to life in what, we hope, will be the first in a number of comics following individuals in that Universe.

The goal of this Kickstarter is to raise funds to complete the comic and to get it printed, as well as getting up on various digital sites such as Comixology and Amazon.

By supporting this comic…

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