Prince Albert is a Can

After some time away, Chris has gotten back to Albert and the world of Universal Anxiety. He’s using some new techniques and I think it’s looking better than ever!

You can check out the audio we’ve already created at Soundcloud here —> Universal Anxiety


Back to UA. Its late and I know I will regret this in the morning. But Albert has been waiting for me. I am sorry I left you alone for so long Albert, but I have fancy new detailing that will make your exoskeleton shine in the sunlight.

Working total digital here, I feel so much better about the Illustrator pen tool. I had a pencil sketch as reference. I could mess all day with the details but as this is a demo and it is late this will have to do for now Albert. Hope to visit you again soon.


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Universal Anxiety Audio Ep1S2

I've just completed the second part of our test audio for Universal Anxiety. Scene two pulls us a little farther into Albert's world and introduces a few new voices. Four additional actors lent their talents to this project and we're grateful for their help. In scene one Albert is standing at the entrance of the …

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Three Seen Scenes

Frame 3 for Universal Anxiety. We’ve got enough content now to start working on layout. I’ve been looking for inspiration from other webcomic/graphic novels but most of them have so much more dialogue than we have. Because our story is going to be narrated quite a bit by Albert I’m struggling to find a style that incorporates that much text while keeping it fun to look at. If you’ve got any favorites I’d love to get suggestions!


One at a time. Worked the last two days on scene 3 and I can consider it closed for now. As far as the process not too much new on this one, much of the same steps as before. Continuing to perfect shadowing and texturing. This weekend I have a cell shading for comics class on tap, if I am lucky I can glean a bit or two.

We are beginning to discuss ways to display the chunks of text and story-line that will be part of the final product. At this rate it feels as if that will be nearly 800 years from now. Amy diligently working on audio samples for our Radio-Show accompaniment. It is really entertaining when you put people in front of a microphone and have them read in character. It is as if they have been waiting for someone to give them permission to do this all of their life 🙂


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Frankie goes to Hollywood

Chris posted a nice start to finish gif of his work on the second frame of Universal Anxiety. The process seems to go much quicker with each iteration. I like the scuff marks he used on this bot, gives him a “working man” feel that matches our world.

I did a couple of voice tests with new actors for our second scene. Everyone did great and some of the improv lines added quite a bit of atmosphere. I’ll be doing sound edits for the next few days to see which voices/lines we’ll be keeping in the final cut.

Thanks for checking in to see what we’re up to!


Spent most of yesterday blogging and completing Scene #2 in Universal Anxiety. It felt really good to complete an entire image start to finish in one day. Now that I have the process down I have an idea how long a drawing will take.. time is the key word here.

I wanted to show you my creative process start to finish with “Frank” The .Gif below should loop and show you start to finish. I am beginning to use more after-shadow textures and warping to get a nice textured feel for those backgrounds. We both agree Universal Anxiety should have a dirty gritty feel. Oil stains, steel, and such.

scene2blog Frankie the bot comes to life.

A bit worried when I started on his shading, its not perfect, but I am really alright with that. I think it turned out quite well for the time spent. It allows me to…

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Occam’s Pen

Here it is!
Frame 1 in all it’s glory. Chris used all the tools he’s been developing over the past four weeks to put together our first big scene for Universal Anxiety. Check out his blog post to get some detail on the process he’s been using and we’ll get frame 2 out soon as we can!



For the most part I am proud to say that the opening scene is 95-96% complete. If you don’t count the reinterpretation of the city-scape, which will be another 2-3 days, and all of the minor corrections (bot-tek sign!) before I can leave it alone. Hoorray.. o_O

Lesson Learned

I overcame (learned from) a couple painful lessons with this one. If you are not an Illustrator acolyte then get your drawing as near completion in pencil and or ink before you move forward. I am lucky because I have background with Photoshop, which saved my butt here. Live Trace is great, but many Illustrators do not rely on it so heavily. It is a great tool, but I think I need to really dig into paths, and the pen tool it would help tremendously.


Was a bit of a chore on this one. I am not sure why but…

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Ambiguity In High Resolution

After showing off some concept art these last few posts we’re ready to get down and dirty with the real thing. Chris and I worked up a storyboard for scene 1 and he’ll be taking all of this week on putting the idea to ink. What do you think?


IMGraw_levels_color_blog Featured Image -- 1135 IMG_scene1_demo_sadbot_blog


Today was a good start on breathing some of the storyboard artwork to life. Time passes in a strange way when I am doing art lately. Like some strange episode of the Twilight Zone, I half expect to look in the mirror and see my mouth has grown shut or something creepy.
According to others, this is a good thing and I would have to agree. Being totally obsessed and enraptured in the work has somewhat of a rewarding feeling once you come awake from your art coma.

We are now at the very beginning of the “going live” phase with Universal Anxiety. What that means I don’t entirely know. To me I would say that we are actually doing art that will make the final cut, and be accompanied with our voice acting audio. I should probably take a moment and let that sink in.

I have come very far very…

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