Robot Roll Call

It's almost time for the third story in my month of flash fiction for Shades of Vengeance's Ten Days in an Alternate Universe event. If you haven't caught up with all the stories (and frankly, they're quite short so you have zero excuses) you can read them HERE. The Era games are fabulous and I'm …

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Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

New Universal Anxiety art!

Chris has been smashing away to get this next scene done for Albert’s ongoing story. I love the new direction these pieces are taking. The complex machines and detailed backgrounds get me geeked out for hours at a time finding new and interesting bits to look at.

Work continues on the script for this next piece as well as the search for another voice to add to our cast.

Thanks for checking in and if you haven’t gotten a chance to experience our first three scenes take a few minutes and get caught up!



At long last, Mary has a face. At the rate I was going I was pretty sure I was never going to finish this. I feel like I completed more on this in the last few days than in the last month.

Couple of things with this drawing. I feel like my process is coming along, things are more familiar and the results are congruent. Of course everything feels like it needs improvement under a critical eye.  I have been experimenting more with my tablet and I think I have some ideas on how to properly color this one, I plan on completing a little demo this week.


finalish_filter_blog_detail.jpg Mary In The Details

mary_orig_blog.jpg Dirty Dirty Mary

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All Quiet On the Spaghetti Western Front

A bit of propaganda for the world of Universal Anxiety.

Robots are built to work. Their joy in seeing a job well finished is surpassed only by the knowledge that a finished job leads to a new one.

…Or so humans would like to believe.

The fabulous Chris Allworden has created a great piece of employment propaganda which will slot inside his newest work for UA. In the upcoming scene four, Albert has made his way to the head of the line at Bot-Tek where his complications are sure to continue.

To catch up on the series head to Soundcloud where we’ve posted our first three scenes. It’s a work in progress and we’re having an amazing time creating this audiodrama about a unique robot in a world where being unique causes problems wherever he goes.



Working on art lately is like a battle I feel I am losing. Time no longer slips away from me in short increments but in huge vacuous voids. I feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle, waking to find the world has moved on and my beard has taken over my face.

I guess in fact the routines we build ripple through our lives with ongoing effect. Our energy is not limitless and this is where our love for a thing bleeds through. If it is strong enough I suppose it will mold around those forgiving constants in our life. Like work, sleep, and my undying obsession with procrastination.

Today I bring to you some propaganda for UA.


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A Sandwich to Grind – Part 2

A new look at the world of Universal Anxiety. Chris is working to bring more detail into the art and I think it’s really the way we want to go from now on. What do you think?


Time to get those juices flowing again. This second snap shot of Sandwich grinder comes about half way through the concept. I suppose there is truth in the old saying “The devil is in the details” because you can whittle you life away on them if you want.

At this point in the drawing I was feeling pretty confident , I knew what direction I wanted to take this drawing. I remember spending quite a few highly meticulous hours at the library around this point. All of which yielded this thing…

IMG_wastesaw item may not appear in final product

Mr. Sandwich. I EVEN DREW PICKLES FOR GOD’s SAKE….Who I still have to re create for the final draft, bun on top this time Christopher.


My original thinking was this machine line was going to slice these sandwiches in half. But as I was leaning more toward singling out a specific Sub…

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Upstream Daydream

A quick peek at some Universal Anxiety sketches. I’m hoping to have another episode up very soon!


A long silence. Yes indeed.

Working my way back to artistic normalcy has not been an easy thing.

Current scene I am working on is a bit more complex than what I am used to. So far so good. Here are some samples.

Stay tuned… Soon we should have another episode ready from our Universal Anxiety Radio Show. Check it out here

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The First Lacuna Comic

The start of an Empowered universe.
I recently had the good fortune to work with Ed Jowett, Johnathan Lewis, Rudi Roelff, and Sathit Kaew to produce the first in a series of comics.

I plan to share some of the lessons I learned by trying out this new and surprisingly difficult genre of writing!

For now, please check out and share this synopsis of our Kickstarter for the Chris “Lacuna” Jameson comic.

Many thanks!!


A friend of mine is releasing her first comic book. Please help support the kickstarter so they can get her amazing writing out to the world. I never knew how much effort goes in to a single comic. So if you like it please contribute. Click here for the KickStarter

What it is all about.

Lacuna is a comic by game designer Ed Jowett, and veteran writer Amy Allworden. Together with dialogue consultant Johnathan Lewis, Penciller and Inker Rudi Rillf and colourist Sathit Kaew, they have brought Ed’s “Era: The Empowered” universe to life in what, we hope, will be the first in a number of comics following individuals in that Universe.

The goal of this Kickstarter is to raise funds to complete the comic and to get it printed, as well as getting up on various digital sites such as Comixology and Amazon.

By supporting this comic…

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