Robot Roll Call

It’s almost time for the third story in my month of flash fiction for Shades of Vengeance’s Ten Days in an Alternate Universe event. If you haven’t caught up with all the stories (and frankly, they’re quite short so you have zero excuses) you can read them HERE. The Era games are fabulous and I’m having a delightful time creating flash stories that compliment the already rich worlds of these RPGs.

Now, that doesn’t mean we’re over here sitting on our duffs and not working on Universal Anxiety! On the contrary. Chris has been delving into some new bots and working with this different style he’s created. It’s a grittier version of the UA world and I adore it. In honor of all his hard work, I’ve decided to throw together a few of his most recent images for you. It’s easy to see where things are heading for Albert and UA. A bit darker, a bit more grit… but hopefully, still a lot of fun.

-The Sandwich Grinder-

This fella has one job and he’s going to do it by the numbers. In the world of Universal Anxiety, there are no “small tasks” and this grinder takes pride in his work. His multiple Employee of the Month awards are the treasure of his home collection.



-Secretary Mary-

Her life as a bot is filled with ticket numbers and appointment check-ins. Day after day she sits behind her desk, directing Bot-Tek job seekers. On the weekends, she doubles as a mechanical bull for a retro country bar.


-Officer Mike-

There’s something you should know about our officer Mike. He’s a dangerous fellow who doesn’t always follow the same laws he’s enforcing. Then again, at the rate he’s inhaling cigarettes, his internal system will soon be so corroded who knows what will happen to him. Perhaps he’ll suffer a personality changing electrical short circuit. He has been watching an awful lot of romantic comedies lately…


– 404 –

He’s not like most bots. If you give him an opening he’ll spend hours telling you all about big government cover-ups and scientific conspiracies, before asking if you’ve got quite enough life insurance. He’s been known to inquire the time of day from pigeons and there’s just something not quite right about him but most bots are too polite to ask.


SO, there you have it. A few of Universal Anxiety’s notable citizens. Tomorrow I’ll have another Shades of Vengeance story for you so set your clocks, watches, sundials or time machines and be sure to come back and check it out!



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