All Quiet On the Spaghetti Western Front

A bit of propaganda for the world of Universal Anxiety.

Robots are built to work. Their joy in seeing a job well finished is surpassed only by the knowledge that a finished job leads to a new one.

…Or so humans would like to believe.

The fabulous Chris Allworden has created a great piece of employment propaganda which will slot inside his newest work for UA. In the upcoming scene four, Albert has made his way to the head of the line at Bot-Tek where his complications are sure to continue.

To catch up on the series head to Soundcloud where we’ve posted our first three scenes. It’s a work in progress and we’re having an amazing time creating this audiodrama about a unique robot in a world where being unique causes problems wherever he goes.



Working on art lately is like a battle I feel I am losing. Time no longer slips away from me in short increments but in huge vacuous voids. I feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle, waking to find the world has moved on and my beard has taken over my face.

I guess in fact the routines we build ripple through our lives with ongoing effect. Our energy is not limitless and this is where our love for a thing bleeds through. If it is strong enough I suppose it will mold around those forgiving constants in our life. Like work, sleep, and my undying obsession with procrastination.

Today I bring to you some propaganda for UA.


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