Universal Anxiety Scene 3

The latest scene in my very first audiodrama production is out and ready for a listen!

It’s been a rough several weeks trying to get this latest Universal Anxiety audio written, recorded, and edited to the point where I’m happy with it. I’ve still got some extra things I’d like to add, intro and outro music being one of them. Still, this will give you some direction where Albert’s heading.

If you haven’t been following the series so far I can tell you that Albert is a bit neurotic, a bit self-absorbed and entirely clueless when it comes to the things that everyday robots have to endure. This is his first foray into the mixed world of humans and working bots as he struggles to find placement in a temporary employment agency.

Once again, the most fabulous artist, Chris from Planet Metal Head, has performed his magic trick and turned the simple concepts we develop together into an amazing work of art. This piece will go towards building the world of Universal Anxiety and might feature in another episode as we go further along in Albert’s story. For now, take a peek at one of the later drafts of Chris’ art.



One last thing before I go. I’d like to send out a massive thanks to everyone on the Reddit Audiodrama page. Great bunch of creators who were kind enough to answer my questions without laughing overly much at my beginners ignorance.

If you haven’t checked out these productions you should definitely take a listen.


So, until I see you again I want you to go out there and knock it out of the park!



One thought on “Universal Anxiety Scene 3

  1. Hi there. I noticed a like and follow (& *with* a similar interest rather than some random person! ha ha.) Neat to see you in “the business”. Not sure how you found me but I’m intrigued.

    So I’m not sure you’re up on what I do as far as review swapping. That’s the simple way I express it. Since it’s both writing and all the rest I still go back to friends in fanwork and give them an interactive response to their material when I know I’m going to mostly enjoy it. (I’m sensitive about tense entertainment so I’ve learned to be careful about what I imbibe there.) Then he or she will do the same for me.

    Anyway, I’ve got email if you’re interested in commentary swapping. I’ve relayed on a podcast that it could either be an episode for an episode or time for time depending on what you would like. I just enjoy being part of the audience. Critiquing I can do but I don’t often like to do that. I prefer to be part of the story and the experience. And, of course, that is what I look for from others. Cheers.

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