Featured Artist : Lemanshots

I love sharing the work of other fabulous artists. We’ve all got a creative story to tell; whether it’s a novel, a film, a photograph or anything else that moves you.

Please take some time to explore this artists work.


I had the fortunate experience of meeting with the German-based artist and photographer, Josephine otherwise known as Lemanshots

IMG_20160507_165523How did you get your start in art?

After school I was studying law in Munich and working for years as a legal advisor and consultant for several international companies. During business trips, at home and abroad, I discovered my love for photography and interior design.

As soon as it was possible and with the support of my family I started to work as an interior designer with a special focus on wall design.

I also worked as a photographer and finally found my passion for digital processing creating image compositions and expressive color looks.

Today my work prefers to explore the themes of moods and tensions in modern urban life and the various relationships between humankind and nature.

In May 2013 I started to share my work on the blog lemanshots.wordpress.com

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