Free Online Writers Conference

Indie Author Fringe

Coming in April! This was a fantastic event and I really enjoyed attending last year. I will be making every effort to check this out again and I recommend that you do as well! It’s not every day you get a free opportunity to siphon writing knowledge.

Check Here —> Indie Author Fringe







Other than the fact that this is a totally free event, that you can log in from your own personal Barcalounger and the sessions are recorded for easy off hours enjoyment…why should you attend?

  • Speakers include industry professionals from Kickstarter, the Arts Council of England, self-published authors, graphic artists, the founder of Smashwords and more.
  • Content Marketing 101
  • Book Design Basics
  • How to Work With a Cover Artist
  • Best Practices for Doing a Successful Kickstarter Campaign
  • Indie author Q&A sessions
  • Live chat

Frankly, I’m not including any more because you need to just see it for yourself. Schedule of Events!

See you there ^_^

– A


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