Occam’s Pen

Here it is!
Frame 1 in all it’s glory. Chris used all the tools he’s been developing over the past four weeks to put together our first big scene for Universal Anxiety. Check out his blog post to get some detail on the process he’s been using and we’ll get frame 2 out soon as we can!



For the most part I am proud to say that the opening scene is 95-96% complete. If you don’t count the reinterpretation of the city-scape, which will be another 2-3 days, and all of the minor corrections (bot-tek sign!) before I can leave it alone. Hoorray.. o_O

Lesson Learned

I overcame (learned from) a couple painful lessons with this one. If you are not an Illustrator acolyte then get your drawing as near completion in pencil and or ink before you move forward. I am lucky because I have background with Photoshop, which saved my butt here. Live Trace is great, but many Illustrators do not rely on it so heavily. It is a great tool, but I think I need to really dig into paths, and the pen tool it would help tremendously.


Was a bit of a chore on this one. I am not sure why but…

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