After the Fact

Concept art for Universal Anxiety is trucking along, even through the long holiday. We’ve also done some test audio to get a feel for the finished product. I’ll set that up later so you can give us your thoughts.


Back after the holiday rush and I have the itch. That wonderful itch to create. Just like a scratch off lottery ticket my muse has been waiting for me to scratch the surface.

Its not often that I feel so positive about art, and the creative process. But now is a kind of golden age for this passion. There are so many resources, so many people that are willing to share their craft that I feel very very lucky.

Enough waxing and on to the good stuff !

Over the holidays I managed to create a few scribbles and mini-projects I will share over the next few days and let you know my process or hopefully-helpful bits.

Id still consider myself a Illustrator virgin, but the fear of taking the plunge and frustration of where the hell did I put that tool is slowly going away. Like other applications the…

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