Chomping On the Bones of Convention

Another quick peak at some concept art flooding in.

If you’re an artist, Chris has also put out a link to someone who has been a great inspiration for him, Alphonso Dunn. Truly worth checking out!


In the middle of a big house move. Word to the wise label and organize your boxes. The me of the past must thinks it is  funny to dump things of all sorts in unlabeled boxes. ha-ha

Update on UA, finished some more frames and inking yesterday. Also got a good start on more concept art. Things are coming along very slowly but I am satisfied with progress so far.

Going to finish inking, tonight and hopefully start coloring this bad boy.


Here is one from way back, one if my first ink drawings. Fear thy Shark!


Looking for someone who is great with pens and gives great youtube? Please take a look at Alphonso Dunn’s  work. Homepage here. He is one of my favorite artists! He also has a new book, which I hope I will get my hands on and review for everyone.

Pen & Ink Drawing:…

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