Man @ Work

Universal Anxiety got a bit of remodel and it’s looking fantastic! Thanks to Chris for making this city pop!!


Universal Anxiety is coming along. I would say nicely but I am a cynic to the end. Actually I feel like progress is being made and that counts for more than not.

I have refined and fleshed out some concept art for our main characters city. A place filled with the robotic intricacies , beeps, buzzes and loads of embarrassment for our main character. Our first encounter will of course happen his local employment agency.

The process for the final product here was

  1. Review Reference Images
  2. Concept in Pencil
  3. Refine in pen. (For me I tend to do things more technical in pencil and more stylistically in pen. So there is a little bit of free flow at this point to experiment with what will really come out.
  4. Computer time! Scan in drawing
  5. Crop and clean up. I found that I draw with really sloppy pen, my fault not the…

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2 thoughts on “Man @ Work

  1. Dennis Holz

    I was just reading the story of your boots.It is about time for you to return to that story and share what has happened.Like how your baby became a new adventure and how the adventures continued and increased with the larger family. Dennis Send You all his Love

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