New Guy in Town

I’ve been throwing around the idea for the past several months of creating a sci-fi style radio show. As a kid I listened to the tales of Ruby: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe and became totally mesmerized with that medium. Reading a book transports you to another world but hearing the emotion in each character’s voice, the clang of traffic and the hesitant footsteps of the prime suspect… well that was unsurpassed magic.

I’ve never had a character or a plot that I felt would lend itself to an audio presentation before so it wasn’t an area where I focused much attention. Sometimes as a writer, or any creative person for that matter, a character will just walk up, grab a seat on your mental davenport and take up residence. That’s the way this idea began for me. My hero bumbled his way inside my creative space with many apologies and expressing a sincere desire not to have interrupted me but he was there nonetheless.

Getting him from idea to audio show will be the most challenging endeavor I’ve had yet, but he’s worth it. On the way to a full production I’m going to work with my artist in residence (aka: “my husband”) to develop the look and feel of this character and his world. We plan to create a web comic initially to get him out into the world and see what he can do.

I’ll be posting progress as we go along, as will my husband on his own blog. He’s already got a few out there so stop in and check it out!

Meet our hero.


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