The Shabby Realm Book 1


About this time I’m usually looking to post one of my own stories for a good weekend read but today I want to introduce a new author.

Lennox Brown

Author of The Shabby Realm book series.

I was fortunate to be chosen by Lennox as a beta reader for the first book in his series, The Small Matter of the Death Cult of Katahdin, and was genuinely entertained by his characters and story.

The Shabby Realm is a fun read centered on a couple of unexpected travelers who take turns saving the world, getting on each other’s nerves, and getting out of the trouble they put themselves in. Lennox has created a novel full of wild adventure and characters with enough wit, charm, and insanity to make it interesting.

You can read a preview chapter for free on Amazon so give it a look through, take it for a test drive and I know you’ll enjoy it.

– A




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