Era: Lyres

You might have noticed that I’ve been pretty quiet lately and I’ll tell you why. Work, work, work!

I’ve been commissioned for several stories through the Shades of Vengeance company in addition to being brought on as their regular weekly update writer. It’s taken some time but now I can finally show off what all that hard work was for! My first story for their newest RPG game is finished and posted on their webpage for everyone to read.

The story is part of their Era: Lyres game which is a low fantasy RPG in which you and your companions must con your way to fame and fortune. It won’t be easy though; you’ll have to create some fantastically clever tales to hoodwink yourself through pubs, inns and even into the royal court! My story tells the tale of one small company trying their luck at the Cozy Creature Inn.

Please take a moment to check it out. Manticore’s Prize

I’ll be posting something new for Writers Jar just as soon as I can gather it all together!!




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