Playdate Politics

“Friday is no good for me”

“Well…how about Thursday?” I was getting desperate

“Nope, we’re already booked on Thursday….with Emily- I suppose you could join us”


She knew she had the upper hand all along, the royal flush in her pocket and she waited 15 minutes to play it. One of the Emily’s- now I had to  say yes. The Emily’s were the top of the 4K social pyramid. I sighed inwardly and mentally rearranged my week. My delighted 4 year old jumped and pulled on my shirt enthusiastically.

This was my first foray into the mad world of children’s politics and I was severely outmatched. It seemed as though all the other mothers of 4k children were old pro’s. They had been networking since preschool. As if they were tiny echoes of their mothers all the little girls were savvy too. In the coat cubby room I heard Emily dictating her week

“Jennifer I’m going to have a playdate with you tomorrow… Melissa, you can come to my birthday.” The happy little kitten head sitting atop her winter hat bobbed with authority. How I hated that cat.


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