Don’t say yes

“Don’t say yes”

Her veil moves with my breath. It’s a tiny whisper- almost a sigh. My eyes slide to the ancient preacher, still plodding ahead with a sort of snoring rhythm.

“Don’t say yes”

The silk veil shudders again. I close my eyes- every curve of her back is burned into my brain leaving smoky memories of each tender moment we have stolen.

“Don’t say yes”

Her veil tilts, ever so slightly dipping down her smooth shoulders. I think she heard me.  My hands shake, it’s almost too late. Opening my eyes I take a long deep breath, the smell of her strawberry shampoo racing through my veins.

“Don’t say yes”

This time it’s not a whisper. My breath- my pulse- stop. Slowly, as if she’s wading through an ocean of water, she turns. Her veil lifts over her face revealing eyes awash in tears.


Her embrace knocks me back and lets me breath again. One kiss- chaste but forceful and suddenly I realize there’s chaos exploding all around. Yelling- crying- Grandma Francis fainted. I may be the worst Maid of Honor in history- but she’s worth it.


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